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Guys, I would be truly grateful if you can take a look at my video. I loved this riddim so much, I had to do my own take on it. Bless up!

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Hiya! I'm looking for some help getting any POC (especially black) on the two home based TV shows that I'm working on! I'm looking for a junk filled, overgrown garden or a cluttered, messy home that could use a transformation.

We have professionals in to design and create your perfect garden as well as cleaners who reorganise homes for free - I want more people like me to have this opportunity! If you know of anyone in your community that could use a garden makeover or a house cleaning and decluttering, email me on

Thank you, any help is appreciated!

Can this go viral? The Ultimate Black Owned Mother's Day Gift Guide



We know you've searched far and wide for the greatest gifts from UK black businesses to give on Mother's Day. Well, now here you have it :) Shop cards, books, clothes, pamper hampers, jewellery and more for your one of a kind mother. Supporti

New Grocery store has opened in Tottenham London.