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2020 The Year of Legacy Distinction

Good day all.

My name is Onyi Anyado and I am a UK based global Leadership Speaker, Futurist and Corporate Trainer.

I look forward to learning and sharing with you.

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We're giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to the 2nd annual Black Investors 360 Conference taking place on Saturday, 14th November 2020 from 9am-5.30pm. Black Investor 360 is the UKʼs first-ever business investment show catering to black businesses. Creating a unique space in finance for investors, experienced finance professionals and the community to come together to exchange knowledge and network.

Black Investor 360 brings together all types of people from the field of business, banking and finance - a 360-degree experience of all there is to know about finance! Ahead of this year's conference, we caught up with founder and events director Shari Leigh. You can read the article here and find out how you can win the free tickets:

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The next in our series on Company Filing is a FREE COURSE on Making Tax Digital – UK HMRC Legislation Explained, delivered by Award-winning Bookkeeper Lisa Newton who walks us through the new proposed UK tax reforms and what it means for you. Lisa covers what you need to do now to prepare, who will be impacted, when and why it's happening. You can take the course here:

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