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Pigment Perfect creates empowering prints and products to build confidence and self-love within children and adults in the BAME community. Through badges, t-shirts and more, they strive to help them love every single shade on their skin and the magic that comes with it.

The "My Brown is Beautiful Colouring Book" is a great inspiration for little girls and adults. It gives children and adults the ability to help love themselves unconditionally, from the top of their fro to the tip of their toe.

It features bold illustrations and captions, designed to help create a visual pathway to confidence and self love, enabling you to love every shade on your skin and the magic that comes with it. This kind of colouring book is one of the best opportunities for quality engagement between parent and child, allowing you to nuture your childs mind with representation and imagination.

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The Black Knowledge Society; Issue #2: 'Education: the alternative curriculum'
Hear what two of the UK'S leading education practitioners have to say on #homeschooling and the value of #steameducation.

We also reflect on what knowledge of self has achieved and can yet still achieve for us as a people, in the Shifting Perspectives article.

Newly "woke" ?? Check out Five links To piece, to guide your 'conscious walk' correctly - with a links to afrocentric courses and resource from some of the UK'S leading black educational organisations.

... It's never to late to recover what was lost! Pursue knowledge of who we were - and still are: #weareblackexcellence

Do let us know what you think!

Enjoy! ???

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CEE KOKO Books and Michael L Harper have come together to bring you another amazing book!

Available to view and purchase here:

YORUBA! - Learn how to Write, Draw, Colour and Pronounce in Yoruba and English.

Some of my best friends are from Nigeria. Growing up in UK and going into Nigerian households on a daily basis it was very easy to learn and pick up general traditions. So once again we have come together to put this piece together dedicated to my Nigerian family and all the Nigerian families who share the same values.

This book has been designed to help educate families and help develop children with Yoruba and English. The aim of this book is to simply bring people together and inspire the children of the future to learn more about the Yoruba language.

This book is written by Father and Son Yaw Wusu and Christian Kofi Agyapong.

Illustrated and Designed by

Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa and most prominently Southwestern Nigeria. The number of speakers of Yoruba is estimated between 30 and 40 million, primarily by the ethnic Yoruba people.
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My name is Leresha Williams.
I am a single mother to a ten year old, forced into homeschooling at the beginning of the pandemic. Beforehand I worried about problems he had at school that seemed like they couldn’t be solved. I felt helpless that as a mother I didn’t know how to support my child and that I didn’t know what the root of his problem/challenging behaviour was. The lockdown gave me time and space to think, converse and reconnect with him. I was able to listen to his worries and understand his behaviour. That is when my book ‘Benny And His Worries’ was born. It is designed to help children who might have a similar experience. I am committed to helping parents to be able to comfortably talk about emotions with their children.
As well as being in the process of writing a series of Benny books, I am also a student at the Open University studying BSC Child Psychology.

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Link to book:


The book: Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History.

Author: Vashti Harrison

Lovely to see a rich cast of black women from atound the globe depicted through such beautiful illustration - accompanied by a snapshot profile.

Must be said, despite my misgivings, Dianne Abbott is ALWAYS a worthy entry.

My daughter always has a host of tough Qs when reading the profiles of the these female pillars... Don't always have the answers ?‍♀️

Anyone missing? ???

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