Insightful Black History
Insightful Black History

Insightful Black History

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In our first video for the year, we look at Black British History. Sislin Fay Allen is known for being the first black woman police constable in the United Kingdom, serving in the Metropolitan Police in London from 1968 to 1972. In the clip, she was just 29 years old participating in an accident training session at the Metropolitan Police Training School in London.

Allen was born in Jamaica in 1939 but worked most of her life in the United Kingdom. She qualified as a state registered nurse and worked at the Queen's Hospital, In Croydon, an area in South London.

On her lunch break one day, while reading the newspaper, she saw a recruitment advertisement for Male and Female Police Officers.
Allen had always been interested in the police, possibly due to her being raised by her Aunt who was Judge. So she took the paper home with her that evening after finishing work and filled it out once she got home.

Surprisingly to her about two weeks later, she had received a response from the Metropolitan Police asking her to complete and return some additional application forms.

After completing the form, Sislin said she wrote that she was a black woman at the bottom of her application…………

We don’t want to give away everything here, so to find out what happened next for Sislin you can check out today's video which is live now on your channel. Link at the top of this post

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“I can’t tell my future, so I’m going to tell my pass” – Ma Rainey

Netflix recently released what I'd called one of the best films to end out the year with, Ma Raineys Black bottom. A film adaptation from the stage plays of the same name by award-winning playwright August Wilson. It stars Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman, who both give outstanding performances. The film covers the fictional story of Ma Rainey and Viola Davis plays the title character, famously known as the "Mother of the Blues." Born Gertrude Malissa Nix Pridgett the legendary singer was a true pioneer and her music in the early 1900s has made a lasting impact on blues, jazz, and rock 'n roll that still influences artists today. She had a magnetic stage presence, dressed in long gowns and covered in diamonds and matching good teeth, Rainey had a powerful command over her audiences. Before we talk about the movie we going to focus on who was the real Ma Rainey?

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Let Me Reintroduce Myself....?

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Since this is a classroom series, its only fitting to end on someone who not only became Wales first black headmaster but was also awarded an MBE for services to education and community life. Betty Campbell was born in Butetown, Cardiff, in 1934. She was a bright student in her class and had dreams of becoming a teacher, but due to racial discrimination, the journey would not be easy. Find out more in today's video!

We are also working with her family and the Welsh Biography to create an article to shed more light on who Betty Campbell was and how she changed a narrative surrounding being a black teacher.

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Meet Frank Bailey, he was known as being one of the first black firefighters in the United Kingdom during the 1950’s. Frank Arthur Bailey was born in British Guiana, now known just a Guiana, on 26 November 1925. After completing education, Frank become an engineering apprentice and worked on a German trade ship as a coal trimmer, a position which involves all coal handling tasks. This led to him relocating to New York, United States, and took up a position at a hospital initially working as a porter before going onto become a medical assistant within the physiotherapy department. During these times there were many types of segregation in affect, from restaurants, schools, public places and within companies, if you were a person of colour you were placed separately to everyone else. At the hospital where Frank worked was no different, but Frank had no intention of standing for this, he successfully led a walkout in opposition to the segregated dining facilities. According to Google’s biography on Bailey, the subsequent integration of the dining facilities proved just one of Bailey’s many successful challenges to an unequal status quo. Find out more in today’s live….