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This weeks guest Councillor Paulette Hamilton ; cabinet member for Adult Social Care & Health in Birmingham shares perspective on heritage, sickle cell, national policy, Covid-19 and the imminent vaccine.

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If you are way past the #blm protests, hollow profligacy of black faces in the media and aware enough to see through the race-baiting of the Establishment (part of which includes the 4th Estate) join TBKS this Sunday with special guest panellists Nia Imara - National Association of Black Supplementary Schools AND Chalice Richardson - bE Empowerment CIC.
We are asking: What Beyond #blm and BHM?
Symbolism, media representation and an over subscription to BHM events this year does not equate to progress within. These are instead external gestures attempting to pacify any stirrings of discontent. We must recognise that we have no alternative other than to protect our own interests by building, supporting and sustaining our own Black microcosm.
How many times do we hear of other minority groups within the UK crying foul over the lack of representation or plurality of representation the recieve in the media??? I would suggest the reason we do not hear anything from their quarters is because they a wise to the fact that so-called representation is immaterial to real progress and their collective prosperity as a group. Rather than waste their energies on what is pure diversion tactics, they refuse to be distracted from the task of NATION-BUILDING, establishing economic, social and in turn, political strength to make progress as a group.
If you are committed to NATION-BUILDING and truly for our progress, be sure to join us Sunday, where we move from editorial, to points of action!
#nofrills #nohype #strictlyprogress


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Greetings! I am the host of 'Reggae Uprising Podcast' created to connect people of the diaspora through inspiration, wisdom and overstanding. To listen to episodes and connect with me regarding future content please get in touch via