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The Insight Institute's - Black Healing Circle

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  • This space is an offering to celebrate BPOC, to give space for our bodies to move, to be free and exist exactly as we are.

    A healing space by and for people with the experience of being racialised as Black. 
 Each week we come together for a unique offering of:

    Meditation, Talking Circle Soma Yoga (gentle healing movement) 

    We gather to better process trauma and grief before it shows up in our bodies as mental health conditions, pain or chronic disease. 

    Racism causes stress and without practices to relieve this it can manifest as pain/illness in the body. There are greater susceptibilities to illness for people of colour, due to the effects of intergenerational trauma manifesting in the body; as well as the daily challenges of being racilised as Black in a society rooted in black oppression. 

    Talking circles provide a safe space for sharing problems or concerns, proven to be effective in supporting our long term mental health, and in turn our physical and spiritual wellbeing. 
 Native American African concepts of the talking circle are similar in some ways to 12-step programs, including AA. 
 Join us!

    .Power. Healing. Community.

    18:55 Doors Open

    19:00 Welcomes Introduction

    19:10 Room Closed - no admittance after this time

    19.15-19:30 Guided meditation

    19:30-20:10 Sharing CIrcle

    20:15-20:30 Soma Yoga - moving with what arises in the body.

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