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Unapologetically Black Yoga for Black people

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  • Black people from the diaspora are welcome to experience non-linear yoga that embodies health, self love and dignity in our body & mind

    This rhythmic Black yoga offers kind, joyful, and non-linear movement. This is very different from classical, and what I call performance yoga that sculpts you into pre-set poses. This practice is trauma informed and supports you to have choice and self awareness of your body, as you find your optimal, kind range of motion that honours our Black bodies. These movements promote joint mobility, pain relief, heart health, freedom and self love for our Black body.

    I encourage you to unlock new breathing patterns to release stress, take up space for yourself and find your joy in your movement. We move to uplifting rhythms that affirm Blackness in all of our diversity. There is also an educational element that encourages you to learn about how your body works and to choose to take this home into your everyday movements and habits. We celebrate the dynasty of the Black body in all its shades, shapes, identities and abilities.

    I use a range of techniques including, breath work, sound, yoga nidra, guided meditation and free movement to soothe and release tension in the mind and body. We give energy to the body and permission for it to rest and recuperate. Quiet time for the mind may leave you with a deep sense of aliveness, self acceptance and wellbeing.

    Black people in all of our diversity are especially welcomed, valued and respected here. The designation of Black does not make us the same. Indeed having space to honour Blackness and the room to feel, explore and be yourself outside of this boxed perception is our birthright.

    You don’t have to be flexible, look a certain way or have done yoga before. All Black bodies and identities are welcome here. This yoga is accesible by being non standard. It’s designed to bring a taste of joy and being in our skin, to our senses. You are always invited to do what feels good for you and to take in only as much as you are able to.

    This is a unique expression of Yoga that you will not find anywhere else.

    NOTE - This group is a space for Black people to feel represented and not fall into reflexive survival patterns, unconsciously ignited when White bodies are present*. However, if non Black people join our practice, this is their legal right to do so. I would ask non Black people to mindful of the intention of this group and why it’s important for us to have this space for Black people when there are little to no spaces like this for us.

    Thank you

    * see My Grandmother’s Hands - By Resmaa Manakem

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