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Black Men Talking

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  • An interactive webinar featuring panelists sharing and discussing their experiences of growing up and living with racism in the UK.

    An interactive panel event presenting speakers from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and careers, sharing experiences of growing up as Black men in the UK.

    Heard how "The UK is not innocent?" - this event offers an opportunity to understand exactly why from the perspective of those who have been directly affected and disadvantaged by racism.

    Expect to hear and learn our panelists reality of growing up and living in the UK through their lived, shared and unique experiences.

    This is a chance to listen, learn and ask questions in a safe and non-judgmental space. There will be a discussion around racism, the personal effects it has and what we can all do to try and reduce it.

    The event will be chaired by Interculture's Founding Director Lisa Whitehouse and Co-Hosted by Benjamin Wood.

    This event is part of Bristol's Black History Month, it is inclusive and open to people of all backgrounds.

    * Please note: this event is hosted via Zoom and requires a meeting ID and password to enter. These details will be emailed directly to ticket-holders on the day of the event. The event may be recorded for evaluation and promotional purposes.

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