Community Circle - Black History Matters
Community Circle - Black History Matters Nov 08

Community Circle - Black History Matters

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Come meet your neighbours, exchange ideas and create social change locally. We continue the community spirit of Unifying against racism.

Join us on Sunday 25th October at Northolt, Kensington Road, UB5 6AW at 12.45noon as we hold a Safe Space to Share. This is a family-friendly Community Circle with a welcoming atmosphere and music. Meet your neighbours, exchange ideas and create social change. Creating a Open Community in Ealing to overcome racism together.

Please Remember Distancing Guidelines.

Supported By BLMWestLondon

Inviting all individuals interested in overcoming racism locally to this safe space. We would love to hear from people who would love to offer their skills to the community. Come along, lets talk and introduce our beautiful selves to each other.

Rough Schedule:

12.45noon - 1.00 pm : Meet and Greet - Introduction of Safe Space. @ Kensington Road UB5 6AW, nearest Bus Stops for E10-

Elm Tree Close (Stop EA)

Elm Tree Close (Stop WM)

1.`00 pm : Opening Drumming, Chanting and Clapping Circle ( Bring Your Drum, Instrument or make shift noise maker)

1.15 pm Opening Introductions, Who We Are, What this Space is and Safety.

1.30 pm: History - Introducing History Of Black Britain - Overcoming Racism in the UK -Black History in Modern Times. Open Mic to share History you know.

1.45 pm: Taking the Knee followed by Poetry and Yoga ( Bring Your Own Matt Please)

2.00 pm: Sports Activity

2.15 pm: Time to take a break. Visit and Support Stalls. Ambient Music.

2.45 pm: Talk about Taking action in relation to: saving jobs, housing, welfare rights and NHS. Open Mic for your Ideas.

3.00 pm: Open Mic - Community Circle. Sharing History, Culture, Experiences, Ideas and Creativity. Feel free to come along and sing/perform.

3.30 pm: Yoga, Well Being and Grounding

4.00 pm: Local Entrepreneurs - Shout out for Black Businesses

4.15pm: Open Mic for Poetry

4.30pm: Closing with a Music Jam and Drumming Circle.


Bring the community together in a safe and healing space.

Learn and share our History, Culture and Experiences with each other.

Remembering the Traumas of the past and current. Healing with our Sharing

Empower the Voices of Ealing and Wider Area. Coming up with local projects and ideas.

A Litterpick if any rubbish is made of the area to ensure a clean and peaceful community action. Please bring a bag to put rubbish in.

Let us know if you want to Help: Organise, Promote(social media), want help setting up Community Building like this in your local area.

Looking for individuals connected to:

Black Businesses


Yoga Instructors - Guided meditations




Ideas on how to make it better for everyone



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Kensington Road, Northolt, UB5 6AW
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