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Decolonisation and Representation in British History: Panel Discussion

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  • Join SPID THEATRE & DECOLONISING THE ARCHIVE (DTA) in a solutions driven conversation exploring racial justice in education.

    Telling the full story:

    Join SPID THEATRE DECOLONISING THE ARCHIVE (DTA) in a solutions driven conversation exploring racial justice in education.

    What can be done to make sure that learners at all levels are exposed to the full story behind the society we all share today?

    We'll be joined in an informative discussion by members of various historical and archive organisations, members of SPID Theatre and others. Panelists will be announced shortly. The panel will take place online via Zoom. Please register for your free ticket in order to receive the link.

    This panel continues the conversations started by our recent original radio drama, "The Dream," written and directed by Nnenna Samson Abosi and co-directed by Connie Bell Andrew McPherson. This play premiered on DTA.Live Radio on 17th October 2020 with our Estate Endz Company.

    In late 2019 SPID theatre was commissioned by Dr. Camilla Schofield as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council to make a performance based on the Race Relations Acts. SPID's project looks at Race Relations Acts of 1965, 1968 and 1976, the Mangrove 9 trials and the Black Power Movement.

    Estate Endz is an oral history project in collaboration with the voices of the community who have shared their historical memories around race with our young participants.

    This project has allowed SPID the opportunity to further investigate the different ways we look at heritage and cultural experiences. This journey has helped shape this project.

    About SPID Theatre

    We are a registered charity based in the community rooms of the historic modernist social housing estate of Kensal House we also work on other local estates across West London. We work with young people on social housing estates to create community art and performance that is participatory, adventurous and interactive. We advocate for the investment and restoration of the social housing estates that are the stage and inspiration of our performances.

    Our promenade performances in neglected community spaces have won prizes nationally and we are proud to champion this popular and accessible form of theatre as a means to strengthen local communities. We endeavour to always involve local residents in the research, creation and performance of our shows and encourage young people that live in and around social housing estates to get involved.


    Social media: @SPIDTheatre

    About Decolonising the Archive

    Decolonising The Archive (DTA) is an organisation that exists to bring black history to bear on contemporary conversations by facilitating heritage-based therapeutic interventions for people of African heritage using African/Diasporic cultural principles and technologies. Presently we are a company in residence at the Black Cultural Archives, in keeping with our trajectory to support the accessing of African Caribbean heritage narratives within the British context and to offer consultancy to academic and heritage based institutions. Our online platform has two faces: a radio/podcast and a digital archive space.

    DTA LIVE RADIO is a digital platform offering discourse and pathways on how to tackle erasure, cultural misrepresentation and social unity. It celebrates, and explores Decolonisation as a tool for restitution.The platform engages Archives, Museum Collections, Historians, Artists and Community Scholar Activists to support a rigorous interrogation of what Colonised history has taught us about the African Presence.



    Social media: @de_archive

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