The Black Experience
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The Black Experience

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A series of five (5) weekly talks exploring the Black experience.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

The Black Experience is a series of five bespoke talks which explore different facets of the Black Experience.

This 10 hour reflective talk programme will allow individuals who identify as members of the Black community to explore elements of their identity, culture, experience, history and mental health.

Talk 1 - 06.02.2021 - Black Identity and the Black ExperienceTalk 2 - 20.02.2021 - Racism and Racial Trauma.Talk 3 - 06.03.2021 - Antiracism, Hope and Change.Talk 4 - 20.03.2021 - Wellbeing and Self-CareTalk 5 - 03.04.2021 - The Future, Series Reflections Closing

The sessions will take place over 5 weeks and once registered you will be committing to all 5 sessions, they will be delivered over Zoom.

To keep the keep the talk space brave, spaces are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Fostering a sense of connection, continuity and community during this programme is important. Once registered the same attendees will be expected to participate in the group sessions over the next 5 weeks. Also, as part of the aim of creating a protected and brave space, attendees will be expected to have their camera on at the start and end of the talk, and the reflective discussions which take place during the talks. It is hoped that attendees will feel comfortable enough to participate and contribute to the discussions, but this is not a requirement.

Please note, this programme will be offered again during the year and will be open to all.

06-Feb-2021 - 10:00 Start date
03-Apr-2021 - 12:00 End date
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