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Online Black History for Children

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Black History for Children is an interactive live online presentation for families.

Black History for Children is an interactive live online presentation for families. Families are taken on a fascinating journey into Black history, led by two child superheroes. The presentation consists of multiple choice questions, quizzes, short narrations, archive pictures and amazing Black history relevant illustrations.

The presentation is delivered by the Simon Education team, led by award-winning writer and educationalist, David Simon.

Family learning outcomes:

To promote positive family valuesTo promote whole family learningTo promote cultural literacy and empowerment

The presentation lasts 1hr 15 minutes and is divided into two sections:

Section 1

Introduction to the Black history timeline, starting 250,000 years ago to present.

Section 2

Black British history, starting 10,000 years ago.

Black British pre-historyAncient Black historyBlack Roman historyBlack TudorsBlack VictoriansThe Windrush GenerationBlack achievers of excellence

About Simon Education

Simon Education was founded in 1987 by David Simon and Dr. Leonora Simon-Bleasdille to address the educational needs of African-Caribbean families. During the last 33 years it has tutored 6000 children, delivered 2000 hours of online tuition and published the How to Unlock Your Child's Genius series. In 2008 the company transformed its network of Saturday schools to Simon Education Online School, that now supports children throughout the UK.

Simon Education runs Simon Education Books, founded the Black Books Festival in 2020 and provides teacher-training in Africa and the Caribbean. It further supports schools in these areas with basic educational resources.

See our online book catalogue.Simon Education also runs online Black history courses for adults.

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