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Check out the article and learn a little more about the Company and the Directors.

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Who would believe that after 22 weeks we would still be here delivering the 'Carryit Come' Project? When we started the project we had no idea we would still be providing an essential to the elders and vulnerable in our community.

We are and remain grateful to every person involved in our journey to develop and maintain this service. Since we started we have provided 1043 meals and delivered nearly 200 shopping parcels.. an amazing achievement with minimal resources. We were overwhelmed to know were nominated and recognised as COVID19 Hero by the West Midlands Care Association and BLAC Awards.

So, as we move towards many more months of providing the service we say, "Thank you" from all our beneficiaries and ask you to continue to support the project in any way you can.

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"Our NCA'S share our vision for changing the landscape of care for our black elders".
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We are grateful to be recognised by West Midlands Care Association for 2 nomination in our first year!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for the support shown over the last year. All our NCA's, partners and everyone who has supported the growth so far.

Fingers crossed for Friday!