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I can't Breathe

I cant breathe
Because you do not hear
My voice pleading.
My heart bleeding
A brother, a sister grieving
For the loss of life
That you have taken
Not in mistake
But in wanton evil

I can't breathe
When you should understand
my plight. my suffering, my blight
At your hands, your fists, your knees
Choking, thumping then deceased
In a swift act, another life is stolen
And then the mourning

I can't breathe
When I am anchored to the bottom rung
No hope of stepping forward
Only way is down
My future finished, before it began
My destiny drifting in a cloud,
In uncertainties
In soliloquies of redemption songs.

I can't breathe
Of the heartache caused
Newsflash!! another live lost.
To the hatred and indiscretions
Of an evil, dated in the past
Of post colonial dominance
Hoping, slavery will last

I cant breathe
That from the cradle to the grave
You denied me
Opportunities and growth, that defines me
Brutality and pain you prescribed me
An in the stench of my suffering you plied me
With pain and hurt that riled me
Not thinking of the consequences
You start
holding my breath,
my uttering,
With my last breath, I plead.
Mommy, hear my prayer
He is killing with his knees
Sinking to oblivion, with my last breath
I yield,
Let me breathe,
Let me breathe.

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