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As an introduction:

So pleased to be part of this platform - for so many reasons...?

I am one part of a collective known as THE BLACK KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY (TBKS).

Our premise is simple: we signpost our community to credible, existing resources, promoting values of self-love, unity and principles of group economics, fundamental to a thriving black ecosystem.

The black global community is blessed with an abundant supply of great minds, organisations and educational resources. TBKS brings a selection of the best to you in a monthly digest style publication. The publication is coupled with a monthly Zoom meeting, where we invite an eminent guest speaker to expand on the month's editoral theme.

September's edition leads on education, where we explore the current landscape of the UK education system, (within the context of our community) and the rising demand for PanAfrican education...

Please do peruse through our maiden edition (attached) and share your thoughts.

Early doors, so appreciate 'likes' and '?'

BC page coming soon. For now we're on Insta Theblack Knowledgesociety.

##tbks is all about living our values; this means we are always looking for contributors and services within the community to promote. Reach out if there's anything you want to share.

Thanks, community. ??

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