The mistrust amongst black people is usually caused by our inability to successfully conclude an intent. If covid-19 hasn't opened our eyes to what is in store if we do not organize for self, the future will be far worse than the past. We as black people can rely on no other to ensure a dignified existence.
We continue to glorify what is against us yet at the same time reluctant to create structures to ensure a dignified existence. Marcus Garvey and others showed us the way to improve the lives of our people but because of deep rooted insecurity as Africans we fail to rise and gravitate to the mediocrity of reliance than self-sufficiency.
There are many of us who have lost the belief that we can create communities/societies far better than what has been ascribed to us from which our worth and dignity is under constant attack.
It is the 21st century and yet we have not overcome the deep rooted self- hatred that has been ingrained in our brains via slavery.
Its time as a black people we see ourselves as Africans First as Europeans , Asians and other groups see themselves, until you can embrace your African heritage , I am afraid , you are still mentally enslaved.

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