One of the things we as Africans fail to understand is the Importance of the Circulation of Money. We are willing to spend our hard earned cash with people
who would not care less if we died tomorrow but will give us a plastic smile when they see our cash.

Circulation of money allows people in a group to employ and use the resources of those in the group.

The more you circulate money in your group the more people can be employed and the more wealth is created. It is therefore no surprise that communities who support each other will thrive better if they have the same resources but circulate the finances amongst themselves

Africans for whatever reason seem more comfortable in allowing their finance to leave their group and hence they place themselves at a disadvantage in developing their communities

The habit of allowing finances in leaving your community and going to other communities which has no direct positive effect on your existence is indeed shooting oneself in the foot, defeating the object. We as a people can do something about it and the way to do it is to be more mindful how we spend our money and to whom we spend it. If those we spend our money with is not returning some of the benefits to your community then you should seek alternatives or develop them yourself.

Crab In A Barrel
We have often come across the term crab in a barrel and its the idea if one person cannot see success for oneself then they will impede the success of others so in the end no one progresses.
We as black people who have had centuries of denial of wealth has some what feel uncomfortable when our own kin amasses some measure of wealth that can change our very life so instead of endorsing it we will tend to undemine

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