You did not know of this?.....

There will be times, there will be moments, there will be and on occasions, situations, occurrence(s), that we either were not made aware, have not heard of and/or about, or simply just not knowing!! I'm wanting to awaken not only myself, but my fellow members on blackchat...

Based upon a true story of Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, two African Amercian 'business' men.

"The two African American entrepreneurs came up with a plan to become bank owners and lend money to other African Americans in a time where it was considered unfathomable by many individuals. Along the way, they deal with the challenges of trying to carry out their plans involving the racially oppressive establishment in the 1960s". - Monsters Critics

As Apple tweeted out with the trailer, “They built an empire like nobody’s business.”

A movie had been made and produced to be aired this year, however, and as per usual, preventative measures were put in place, a messy situation, this shall be discussed later, whilst I focus on #facts and of a positive nature..


Here is a preview of the movie, I must say, it is a wonderful and inspiring movie to watch..




Jay 8 days ago

Thank you Jeanie, I will be watching this

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