Is Eczema More Common amoung Black People?

This article highlights Eczema in the Black community and provides a simple solution to manage inflammatory skin for adults and babies. complaints.


Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is more common in black than in white patients; yet, less is known about how do diagnose and treat eczema in skin of colour patients.

Eczema in darker skin types presents in unique ways.

The follicular presentation of eczema is more common in individuals with African ancestry. Another pattern called the lichenoid presentation of atopic dermatitis is more commonly seen in patients with African ancestry.

Eczema-related erythema, which presents as redness in lighter skin patients, is more challenging to perceive in the background of darkly pigmented skin. Instead of shades of red and pink, dermatologists might see lesions that appear violaceous, grayish, red-brown or very dark brown and can be confused with other conditions.

Is there a solution to treating Eczeama with dark scaring and damaged skin effectively?

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