Blackchat Update

Blackchat will be upgrading its looks and adding some more features on the mobile web and desktop, the change will be significant, below are some of the changes:

Update between 4-5th Dec 2020

  • Sleeker look - less cluttered
  • More focus on stories, so your followers can learn more about you
  • Auto scroll on mobile web
  • Improved commenting with better looking emoticons
  • Improved messenger with giphy
  • Improved Chatroom, personal chatrooms / Group Chat
  • Enlarged Font size
  • Improved video player allowing for "picture in Picture"
  • Improved blogging and events layout, look and feel
  • Cleaner (less cluttered) profiles
  • Improved menu layout
  • Improved filtering posts


13 Bloggers posts

Melanie Atkinson 19 w

Good going Jay x

Teddy Sizah 19 w

Updates look great, I like the layout. It's good that the users can create mini chatrooms. Is there any plan for a user to set a chatroom to open so that anyone can join it?

Munira Folayan-Folami 19 w

We have all the time it takes ... goin no place☝?

Munira Folayan-Folami 19 w

We are intending to be part of the wider community as in global and your efforts has made this easier, immediately we feel confident ??

Munira Folayan-Folami 19 w

This is fantastic news as you know I struggled with aspects and was always having to ask ... you’ve solved all my hurdles brilliant connections Sir?
Onwards and Upwards Bro????✅

Teddy Sizah 19 w

Nice one, chatrooms are coming back!