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It all starts here today, the brand new TV Channel:
Ultra Vision TV - The Online Channel For Black Britain!
Launches LIVE on:
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Sun 29 Nov @ 3pm GMT
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Contact Details for The Hugh Dwyer Inspirational Foundation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or sit in silence. We are here to help and support the BME Cancer Patients and their family and friends (in particular, but that does not mean if someone is seeking help and support from other ethnic groups we will refuse to support).

You will see below the services we provide. But let us reassure you if we do not have the answer, we work closely with other Professional Individuals and Health Organisations.

I NEVER want anyone to go through what my Late Husband, my Family, and myself went through.

We thought we were on our own until we were introduced to Dr: Rosemarie Thompson who help us through the medical minefield having her support certainly made a difference.

Over the years The Hugh Dwyer Inspirational Foundation has done various awareness events and fundraising events and looked at the holistic support of patients and their families.

Also due to an awareness event in West Bromwich at the West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre with Shane Ward and others. We have now set up a West Midlands Regional Group called the West Midlands African Caribbean Cancer Action Group (of which I was elected Chair Woman for three years).

Even though we are not able to physically meet at present due to the pandemic, does not mean that we are not able to support members in the community as well as support one another.

Never think you are on your own we are here to support you.
Everyone who is involved with both groups has given their time voluntarily. And I would like to take this moment to thank them for all their help and support.

Kind regards
Cynthia Dwyer (Founder/Co-Director of The Hugh Dwyer Inspirational Foundation as well as Chair Woman of the West Midlands African Caribbean Cancer Action Group)

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Debbie Ariyo OBE, Founder and CEO of AFRUCA has been awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to conduct research exploring the role of “communities as safety-nets in protecting human trafficking victims”.
Her research will take her to two countries where she will focus on children in the fishing sector in Ghana and children in sex tourism in Thailand

The Black Knowledge Society; Issue #2: 'Education: the alternative curriculum'
Hear what two of the UK'S leading education practitioners have to say on #homeschooling and the value of #steameducation.

We also reflect on what knowledge of self has achieved and can yet still achieve for us as a people, in the Shifting Perspectives article.

Newly "woke" ?? Check out Five links To piece, to guide your 'conscious walk' correctly - with a links to afrocentric courses and resource from some of the UK'S leading black educational organisations.

... It's never to late to recover what was lost! Pursue knowledge of who we were - and still are: #weareblackexcellence

Do let us know what you think!

Enjoy! ???