About BlackChat - Inspire

Everyone and anyone from individuals, bloggers, writers, professionals, black-owned businesses, entertainers, students, freelancers come and socialise, connect, inspire, mentor, educate, and be part of an awesome community.

What blackchat is:

  • blackchat is and alternative social network, it is a space away from the noise and misrepresentation, it is a place for people to come together to connect, interact, enjoy celebrate, showcase, support and build a thriving network that uplifts the black community to prosperity,
  • blackchat is a place where you can find and support black-owned businesses, organisations, charities and communties.
  • blackchat is here to help black-owned media companies and bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, news websites, journalists to disseminate and share information with their target audience from a black perspective.

What blackchat is not:

  • blackchat is not here to segregate, separate or exclude, if you accept, love, appreciate or would like uplift, inspire or be inspired by black culture, black people, the black community and support black-owned businesses, organisations and charities then please do join us.
  • blackchat is not a platform for hate or propaganda, if you try to spread hate, entice hatred or violence toward another member or intentionally spread fake information we will not accept it and users will be suspended or banned.

Now you know what we are about, what can you do?

  • Click here to Register & login if you have not done so already
  • Start following people, liking businesses or join groups that interest you and by doing this you will receive more of the things you like. Please note: In you friends list you will only see the people you follow.
  • Upload and share videos, images and posts on your timeline, that interest you and your followers

  • Build your network

    • Upload and share videos, images and posts on your timeline, that interest you and your followers
    • Post often - keep visible and keep your followers interested by posting quality information that your follower love to receive
    • Get people to follow you by sharing your profile, business page or group link

  • Find or Build your black-owned business page or profile
  • Find or Build your black-owned organisation page or profile
  • Find or Build your black-owned charity page or profile
  • Find or Build your black-owned media page or profile
  • Join or create groups around the things you love with or for like minded people
  • Add events
  • Create Polls
  • Message and talk to other users
  • Set your profile Private or Public, block users, design you page
  • And lots, lots more! so register and join us today we look forward to having you!

How can I help build Blackchat?

  • It's not about building blackchat it is about building your community, the community you want to see and building your network. You can do this by sharing your profile link with others or use the invite box or the special invite link so when people join using the invite they automatically follow you and remember people are following you to keep up to date so post often.
  • Sharing is important to the growth of the community, so we promote the mindset of sharing, please share the things you like or you think your friends and family may like on your social networks, what's app groups or by any other means.
  • People tend to say follow me on my facebook, insta or twitter for example so tell them to follow you on your blackchat or follow you on BC where you maybe posting different content to the other platforms
  • If you are a black-owned business or black-owned organisation or black-owned charity for example then you can build your followers by sharing your black-owned business page link/url on BC
  • No matter who you are you can support and help build this platform by simply joining us, where you take it is up to you. join us today!